Using dovecot with RoundCubeMail - where is the information for new mail in (blue coloured) directories?

Philip Rhoades phil at
Thu Dec 17 17:09:50 EET 2020


Every few years I try to work this problem out - occasionally I would 
like to re-mark a dir as having new mail so that the dir shows up as 
blue-coloured in RCM.  Every time I Google in vain and then have a go at 
working it out myself but the only thing I can see is that there is a 
change in the appropriate dir dovecot.index.log file after having the 
blue dir clicked on (and the colour of the dir name changes back to 
black) - so is the information stored somewhere in RCM itself?


Philip Rhoades

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Cowra  NSW  2794
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