Repeated Inbox Corruption, how to Troubleshoot?

Bryan K. Walton bwalton+1608560055 at
Mon Dec 21 16:48:46 EET 2020

We are running Dovecot Version 2.3.8 (9df20d2db) (from the CentOS 8
repos).  Twice in the last week, I've encountered an issue where my Mutt
imap client logs into our imap server and has 0 new messages (when I
know that there are a lot of new messages waiting on me).  

Both times, I've had to shut down my mail client, and then run:
doveadm -Dv force-resync -u <username> INBOX

After which, I reopen Mutt and all of my new emails appear in the inbox
of my mail client.

Running the force-resync shows no problems.  Furthermore, "doveadm log
errors" shows no errors on my account and there is nothing in the logs
showing that anything is corrupted for me.

Yet, the force-resync is fixing a problem that I can't locate.  Where
should I be looking (or how should I update my logging) so that I can
find out the source of the problem that is causing my repeated inbox

Bryan Walton

Bryan K. Walton                                           319-337-3877 
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