Using dovecot with RoundCubeMail - where is the information for new mail in (blue coloured) directories?

Scott Ruckh dovecot at
Mon Dec 21 17:48:08 EET 2020

On 2020-12-20 17:37, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> @lbutlr,
> On 2020-12-21 00:43, @lbutlr wrote:
>> On 20 Dec 2020, at 04:05, Philip Rhoades <phil at> wrote:
>>> I guess that is what it seems to look like to me as well - but what 
>>> does that mean for what I am trying to do? - ie reset the blue folder 
>>> highlight arbitrarily?
>> Sound like the Roundcube style choices are outside th purview of 
>> dovecot.
> Hmm . . the first response I got here was that it was definitely an
> IMAP thing . . I think he was unclear about the actual problem . .
> I will try the RCM forum . .
> Thanks,
> P.

I am not sure I have understood this thread completely, but I am running 
dovecot/RoundCube.  If a folder has new messages, then it has a badge 
that is dark blue (with the theme I am using) with the number of un-read 
messages.  Otherwise it has a badge that is light-blue to indicate 
un-read messages only.  Folders with no badges have zero un-read 
messages.  So there is definitely a distinction for "new" messages.

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