doveadm backup -f -n inbox doing writes?

Marc Roos M.Roos at
Tue Dec 22 11:04:53 EET 2020

Hmmm, but I have made a few files with accounts to sync, if I use the 
list with the oldest least changing mailaccounts I get this spike during 
the doveadm backup. And if I issue the same command 30s later, the spike 
is back for the duration of the check. And since it was finished quite 
quickly, ran it for a third time, again the write spike.

doveadm backup -n inbox -F /root/backup-old-60-accounts.txt 

[@mail]# rpm -qa | grep dovecot

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> On 22/12/2020 00:12 Marc Roos <m.roos at> wrote:
> If I start a 'doveadm backup -f -n inbox' on the source server, why do 

> also disk writes increase on the source server (indexes mostly?)

Probably because your indexes are not up to date? 


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