LDA ignores virtual mailbox settings

Toni Mueller support at oeko.net
Mon Dec 28 16:35:08 EET 2020

Hi Aki,

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 03:37:33PM +0200, Aki Tuomi wrote:
> What you are describing will not be solved by looking at dovecot
> source code.


> Can you describe your configuration more? Maybe you are running
> dovecot in chroot or something? Can you consider using LMTP instead of
> LDA?

I want to have as much information about the users and their mailboxes
as possible in an SQL database (I use Pg), so I can easily move things
around, change permissions and what-not.

I thought about using LMTP, but so far shyed away from it because I
suspected that it would be unable to do uid/gid switching on a per-user
basis. But I'll check this idea out as well.

I have not done anything special to the Debian installation, but
checking if that contains an unwanted chroot somewhere, is a good idea!


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