Initial Replication

David Morsberger david at
Tue Dec 29 21:08:47 EET 2020

I searched the archives and do not see a question/answer for this. 

Should I perform a set of ordered steps after setting up replication? I have setup dovecot on both ends with identical config except for the remote hostname. 

Main concern is the existing server gets replicated to the new server. I want nothing from new server replicated to the old server. Risking "Trial and error" and "crossing fingers” doesn’t work with production emails


Do I need to setup the mail directories for the various virtual users on the remote? If so, do the directories need to empty?

Should I initially do a manually one-way synch using doveadm from the existing server? If so, is there a way of turning off automatic replication while the manual one runs?

Anything else?



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