Dovecot 2.3.14 - Invalid mailbox name: Name must not have '/'

Markus Valentin markus.valentin at
Thu Apr 8 16:27:55 EEST 2021

> On 03/31/2021 4:08 PM Juergen Edner <juergen at> wrote:
> >>  can anyone please shed some light on the changes of v2.3.14 and what need to be done to get the shared folders working again as in v2.3.13. 
> >>  I cannot see any invalid characters in the folder names. I would also appreciate any advise on how I can debug the program any further. 
> > can you provide us with the output of `doveconf -n` please? 
> attached you will find the desired command output.
Hi Juergen,

thanks for your input and the details. This is a new bug introduced in 2.3.14 which happens when combining the listescape plugin and a shared namespace.

We are tracking it as DOV-4477. 


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