CA certs for Dovecot-as-client (proxy)

justina colmena ~biz justina at
Wed Apr 21 23:07:10 EEST 2021

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021 2:13:01 AM AKDT Aki Tuomi wrote:
> Hi!
> This is unfortunately a bug, see note in
> "ssl_client_ca_dir or ssl_client_ca_file aren’t currently used for verifying
> the remote certificate, although ideally they will be in a future Dovecot
> version. For now you need to add the trusted remote certificates to
> ssl_ca."
> Aki
FWIW, I always thought Aki was a man's name, but they're calling it a baby 
girl's name if you look it up on Google. You couldn't make this stuff up if 
you tried.
I don't like the Microsoft-dominated scene here any more than anyone else 
does. If a guy has to clear his throat in a court of law or something like 
that over every little bug or issue to have it fixed, then there's quite a mob 
of organized criminal spammers on the mailing list, and of course the law 
enforcement community is always on their side when they spam vice pills down 
our throats via e-mail.
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