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Steven Varco at
Fri Apr 23 11:29:44 EEST 2021

Am 21.04.2021 um 19:31 schrieb Michael Grant <mgrant at>:
>>>> We don't really fix issues with mbox files anymore, other than read issues.. Our focus is enabling people to move to other formats, such as maildir. I would strongly recommend you to consider using maildir instead of mbox.
> Ugh, so many people still have their mail in mbox that I find it hard to believe this is "deprecated".

I don’t think that „so many people still have their mail in mbox“, at least not in conjucntion with IMAP.
mbox may be good for some server generated messages from cronjobs, etc., but for nothing more.

> You'll get a lot of pushback if you do this!  I'm not the only one
> using it.  mailx and the gnu mail tools use it and I don't know if I
> can so easily migrate things to maildir format. I think it could be a
> nightmare migrating to maildir.

mailx is able to use other mail backends like Maildir to.
Just point the evironment variable MAIL to your Maildir instead of mbox in ~/.bash_profile (or system globally in /etc/profile) and you’re done:

I’m doing it this way to ready mails directly on the server, works perfect.

For the rest I agree with the other posters, that mbox should really no be used in conjucntion with IMAP.
You would also not use sqlite for hosting a dynamic website.



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