connection closes every 10 minutes

Marco Fioretti marco.fioretti at
Mon Apr 26 18:23:00 EEST 2021

update on this:

to make a long story short....

1) I did run mutt with debug enabled , but could not recognize anything useful

2) I had the same problem with mutt from my laptop

3) a few days ago I received a new modem from my ISP, as part of their
network upgrade operations

4) more or less in the same moment the problem I reported here
disappeared. Now mutt stays connected even 24 hours without losing

I am NOT 100% sure that the problem disappeared AFTER the change of
modem. That happened during a few chaotic days, both work- and
family-wise, so I did not take notes. And modems may have nothing to
do at all with the disconnections. But now the problem is not there
anymore, I have no clue what may have happened, and if anybody can
guess... thanks in advance.

Il giorno lun 12 apr 2021 alle ore 16:47 Marco Fioretti
<marco.fioretti at> ha scritto:
> Greetings,
> I use mutt on Ubuntu to access my IMAP mailboxes, on my Centos email
> server that runs dovecot. Everything has worked without problems for
> years. About one week ago, the connection between mutt and dovecot
> became unstable.
> Before, I could leave mutt connected for days in a row, no problem.
> Now, everything still works fine, except... I get every ten minutes I
> get "connection timed out" in Mutt's status line, and hundreds of
> messages like
> Apr 12 16:12:49 SERVERNAME dovecot: imap(ACCOUNTNAME): Logged out in=164 out=757
> what puzzles me is that I did not touch anything both on my server and
> on my desktop, except an "apt-get update" some days before this
> started.
> But cannot see how it would be related anyway, nor have I found
> anything online like this.
> Any help to understand what happened and fix it is very welcome.
> Marco

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