John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Mon Feb 8 19:34:52 EET 2021

On 08/02/2021 15:22, Joan Moreau wrote:
> Well, thank you for the answer, but the actual issue is that data sent
> by the decoder (stipulated in the conf file) is properly collected by
> dovecot core, but /not/ sent to the plugin : the plugin receives the
> original data.
> This is not linked to a particular plugin (xapian, solr, squat, etc..)
> but seems to be a general issue of dovecot core

Hi Joan

as far as I can see there's not a general issue in the dovecot core with
using the decoder. It works for me. I see the text extracted from PDF
sent to solr (I enable raw_log feature to see the actual data going over
) Also when I query solr I get a search hit for attachment text.


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