Problem enabling the mail_log plugin

Mike Quigley mike at
Tue Feb 9 20:34:00 EET 2021

I looked at the Trash messages on the Server (which is using Maildir) 
and they are flagged as :2,S (Seen) but not T (Trash). So it looks like 
when Roundcube copies them to Trash and expunges the original, it 
doesn't set the Trash flag on the message.  If I manually delete the 
message from the Trash folder, then RC does set the Trash flag and that 
action will be logged to my Dovecot logs. I did not set the expunge & 
copy options in mail_log_events because I didn't want to fill up the 
logs with all that additional logging, thinking that delete would get me 
what I was looking for.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

On 2021-02-09 3:44 am, Yassine Chaouche wrote:

> Le 2/9/21 à 11:41 AM, Yassine Chaouche a écrit :
>> I have expunge in mail_log_events
>> mail_log_events = delete undelete expunge copy mailbox_delete 
>> mailbox_rename
>> Yassine
> Oh yes and copy, because when you delete mail in roundcube it actually
> copies it to the trash then expunge it from where it was, so you
> should look after these two
> Yassine.

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