John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Wed Feb 10 02:05:01 EET 2021

On 09/02/2021 15:33, Joan Moreau wrote:
> If I place the following code in the plugin
> fts_backend_xxx_update_build_more function (lucene, squat and xapian,
> as solr refuses to work properly on my setup)
>         {
>                 char * s = i_strdup("EMPTY");
>                 if(data != NULL) { i_free(s); s = i_strndup(data,20); }
>                 i_info("fts_backend_update_build_more: data like '%s'",s);
>                 i_free(s);
>         }
> and if I send a PDF by email, the data shown in the log is "%PDF-1.7 "
> so it does mean the decoder data is not properly transmitted to the plugin
> Something is wrong in the data transmission

I too see something similar with fts_solr. I do see the raw %PDF string
and PDF binary data being passed through to
fts_backend_xxx_update_build_more function but I disagree with the
conclusion you draw from it.

After the raw data I also see the decoded data, so at least in my case
it is possible to see both the raw and decoded data in
fts_backend_xxx_update_build_more function. In the rawlog I no longer
see the binary data (but some blank lines), so something is filtering
it. I do see the decoded data in the rawlog. I do get hits on the solr
search for the decoded text.


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