dsync and sieve again

Edgaras Lukoševičius edgaras.lukosevicius at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 23:53:36 EET 2021


I'm starting to wonder if dsync is supposed to sync sieve scripts at 
all? Or should it work only as a part of replicator? Because I was not 
able to get it working on multiple Dovecot and Pigeon versions, and I 
see lots of replication/dsync and sieve related questions in the mailing 

I'm trying to get it to work using latest versions on 
http://repo.dovecot.org/ce-2.3-latest repo.

The versions I am testing at the moment are:
- Dovecot 2.3.13 (89f716dc2)
- Pigeonhole 0.5.13 (cdd19fe3)

It's a straightforward setup, nothing fancy. So the question is - is it 
supposed to work at all without replicator?

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