Simple patch script for fts tika faulting on Ubuntu 20.04

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Thu Feb 18 16:25:04 EET 2021


On 2021-02-07 7:32 pm, John Fawcett wrote: 

> On 07/02/2021 20:15, @lbutlr wrote:
> On 07 Feb 2021, at 02:07, @lbutlr <kremels at> wrote: On 06 Feb 2021, at 11:06, John Fawcett <john at> wrote: 19.08.20 Is that a malformed ISO date 2019-08-20 or a truncated europeans style 19-08-2020?
 Either way, I cannot find the message in my dovecot folder. Closest I
can find is Message-ID:
<20200820141341.GA1751 at> from the 2020-08-20 at
16:13:52 but there is no patch in that mail. 

here's the post in the list archives [1]

Thanks so much for the help - I've verified the patch and it works
nicely. Here's a simple script for 20.04 - it's very manual, you have to
choose the version to download. 

It's just two lines of patch - is there any chance this will be fixed in
the next point release ? 

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