Messages sent to alias+detail end up in INBOX

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Thu Feb 18 17:04:29 EET 2021

On Thu, 18 Feb 2021 13:27:34 +0100
Bjoern Franke <bjo at> wrote:

> Hi,
> > So, there is now way that Dovecot can create folders with "detail"
> > name for mail sent to "alias+detail" address? 
> did you take a look into the logs? E.g. in my setup, dovecot complains
> when sieve should put the message into a folder which does not exist.
> Maybe it logs something also in your case why it does not create the
> folder.
> Regards
> Bjoern


I'm sorry I didn't word it more clearly. The problem is not with creating folders, just with putting messages into them. If I send a message to "user+detail", the "detail" folder is created just fine, and the message is put there. Problems are axactly with one use case: when I send a message to "alias+detail". In that case it is just put into INBOX regardless of whatever I try to define in sieves with ":detail" rule.

Denis Shadrin

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