doveadm copy not respecting quotas?

MAREN ZUBIZARRETA maren.zubizarreta at
Wed Feb 24 12:04:54 EET 2021


 I have a problema with the quotas at my system with dovecot, y use:

quota_rule5 = RECUPERADOS_VGTIC:ignore

I want to be free of quota limits at that mailbox RECUPERADOS_VGTIC when copying messages from "lazy_expunge" folder

To recover from backup I use doveadm copy:  doveadm copy -u nppgiibi RECUPERADOS_VGTIC mailbox .BORRADOS_VGTIC/sent-mail ALL

But when I do so, quota for this mailbox RECUPERADOS_VGTIC is not ignored, and it grows to 200%
Is this a bug? Or there is something that I'm doing wrongly?

Thanks for your help.


PD: My config file for quotas follows below:


# Quota

mail_vsize_bg_after_count = 100

# Limits
plugin {
  quota = count:User quota

  quota_rule = *:storage=10G

#for backups and  lazy expunge
  quota_rule3 = .BORRADOS:ignore
  quota_rule4 = Recuperados_VGTIC:ignore
  quota_rule5 = RECUPERADOS_VGTIC:ignore
  quota_rule6 = BORRADOS_VGTIC:ignore
  quota_rule7 = .BORRADOS_VGTIC:ignore

# This is required
  quota_vsizes = yes

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> Hi all, is there any way I could use LMDB for userdb and passdb lookups?

You can use Lua userdb/passdb. See


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