set up for Dovecot redundancy -- store on edge server only if link to backofc server is down, otherwise deliver to final dest?

PGNet Dev at
Mon Jan 4 17:27:24 EET 2021

On 1/4/21 10:00 AM, Frank-Ulrich Sommer wrote:
> Perhaps I misunderstood the constraints, but (for a low nunber od accounts) what would be wrong with simply fetching the mail on the local server from dovecot1 and delivering it to dovecot2 with IMAP idle to prevent delays?

Hm.  I'd (only) been thinking abt push from 1->2, not pull from 2->1.  hadn't considered 'fetch' -- haven't used it. yet.

I'd always thought of fetch as a target per-mail/per-box tool -- not a "get all mail for all accounts" tools.

Need to read-up on global config, rather than per-account/etc scripting ... And, exactly how the idle works in this case, to eliminate delay when link's up.

> If the VPN link is down mail will stay on dovecot1. You could even configure a postponed deletion (hours or days) so you would be able to access recent mail if dovecot2 is down.

Sounds like fetch does a copy, not a move, then.  At least by default.  And that Dovecot must be told to delete from the source ... again, either via script, or from within Dovecot config.

Now, reading docs @, &, looking for some examples/scenarios.

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