Master user password mismatch

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Wed Jan 27 01:46:42 EET 2021

Trying to get master users working.

I'm not sure what info would be best, but here's the detail I have now, in trying to get it working.
Setup the master user file, and enabled master users in the conf files.
Created the master user file and user/password hash.

Turned on authentication debug.
When I try something like:
telnet localhost 143
and then supply the master user login - kind of like this: 
1 login joeb*jb-master somepassword

I get this in the logs. (Some obfuscation done.)
dovecot: auth: Debug: auth client connected (pid=24985)
dovecot: auth: Debug: client in: AUTH#0111#011PLAIN#011service=imap#011secured#011session=MM6QC9a5SIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB#011lip=::1#011rip=::1#011lport=143#011rport=34376#011resp=<hidden>
dovecot: auth: Debug: passwd-file(jb-master,::1,master,<MM6QC9a5SIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB>): Master user lookup for login: joeb
dovecot: auth: Debug: passwd-file(jb-master,::1,master,<MM6QC9a5SIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB>): lookup: user=jb-master file=/etc/dovecot/masterusers-test
dovecot: auth: passwd-file(jb-master,::1,master,<MM6QC9a5SIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB>): Password mismatch
dovecot: auth: Debug: client passdb out: FAIL#0111#011user=jb-master

Yet I can use 
htpasswd -b -c -s /etc/dovecot/masterusers-test jb-master somepassword
And this succeeds. (I created the masterusers-test file with httpasswd)

So, I must have the password right, but dovecot is till failing the auth, claiming a bad password.

How do I go about getting more detail so I can determine what's wrong?


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