Doveadm sync verbose not working?

Plutocrat plutocrat at
Fri May 7 07:44:34 EEST 2021


Was trying a sync with eg this. old is a host set up in my ssh config file. the user exists on both sides.
The sync completes correctly copying mails back and forth, but offers no feedback.
	doveadm sync -u user at -f -R remote:old

If I add -v I don't get any more information. Am I missing something? The manual says its meant to give more info and progress.
	doveadm -v sync -u user at -f -R remote:old

Putting -v elsewhere on the commandline results in an error, so I think its in the right place.

However -D works, but its a bit too verbose ...
	doveadm -D sync -u user at -f -R remote:old

dovecot --version (3c910f64b)


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