sudden performance drop - i/o related

Marcin Gryszkalis mg at
Tue May 11 10:34:36 EEST 2021

On 11.05.2021 07:30, Aki Tuomi wrote:
>> On 11/05/2021 01:07 Marcin Gryszkalis <mg at> wrote:
>> It looks like i/o risen from 150writes/s to 500writes/s (in top hours) -

> One thing that does come to mind is that you are delivering outside dovecot. Without knowing your system better, I would suggest that one thing to try would be to use dovecot-lda to deliver mail.
exim delivers locally via /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda and 
it's the only way used for delivery (not counting occasional restoring 
mail from backups)

> Are your users directly accessing the maildir?
Not sure what you mean, they use imap (plus few dovecot/pop3 boxes for 
automated processing).

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