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Stephane Magnier azt000 at
Thu May 20 09:44:30 EEST 2021


I am using Dovecot v 2.2.32 and Sendmail 8.15.2

My "folder" config on Dovecot is : 
But in fact, any email arriving into  the mailbox, stays in  Sendmail 
into the file location (by default) : /var/spool/mail/user1 and any 
folder created,  can be reached via Dovecot  and is located to 

If I want to backup the user1's emails, I need to backup the "dovecot" 
location ( /var/spool2/user1) but also the Sendmail file location ( 
If I don't do that, I loose fresh emails which are still into the 
Sendmail directory, which are not copied into the Dovecot location.. 
Sounds weird

I would expect to backup only my Dovecot directory and my email client 
should see only the Dovecot directory
I would expect to have small sendmail email file user ( 
/var/spool/mail/user1 ) and i should't car about these files. Everything 
should be copied automatically into my Dovecot location

what do you think ?

Best regards,
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