Sendmail and Doecot

Markus Winkler ml at
Thu May 20 13:19:38 EEST 2021

Hi Stephane,

On 20.05.21 08:44, Stephane Magnier wrote:
> I am using Dovecot v 2.2.32 and Sendmail 8.15.2
> My "folder" config on Dovecot is 
> :*mbox:/var/spool2/%u/mail:LAYOUT=fs:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u*
> But in fact, any email arriving into  the mailbox, stays in  Sendmail into 
> the file location (by default) : /var/spool/mail/user1 and any folder 
> created,  can be reached via Dovecot  and is located to /var/spool2/user1

I would recommend to change your Sendmail setup. IMHO you should configure 
it so that it uses Maildir instead of mbox.

Please have a look at the Wiki:

Or use LMTP instead (which I prefer):

And your Dovecot config could then be something like this:

mail_location = maildir:/var/spool2/%u/Maildir

All the mails and folders in _one_ place.

HTH and regards,

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