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I'm getting a heavy criminology angle from all this, and I'm not sure there's any intention on the part of the relevant parties of getting all the technical details right in a court of law in front of 12 average citizens with no special technical expertise.

What's GSFC?
Georgia Student Finance Commission?
Goddard Space Flight Center?

So there's a "Georgia Bureau of Investigation" which overrules the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Southeastern United States. You think some black kid is going to make it to space on a student loan package by filling out a FAFSA form? No way, José. Not in this life, at any rate. There are just plain too many lawyers and psychiatrists in Florida where those NASA facilities are located. And then there's the federal government Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and now *Explosives* with full 9/11 authority, in charge of the aforementioned NICS, which was at one time part of the Treasury Department, but has by now so grossly outgrown its mission that it is housed directly under the roof of the D.O.J.

And then there's no way off the federal "NICS" list of "consumers" who are officially deemed eligible to be drugged and ditched, or offed by any number of "nonviolent" or "safe, legal, and rare" ways to kill that don't actually involve firearms, because people have "bulletproof" email hosting where they are not allowed to email that sort of "right wing" content as they can and do spam and sell recreational drugs, male enhancement drugs, etc. etc.

On May 24, 2021 9:23:26 AM AKDT, "White, Daniel E. (GSFC-770.0)[NICS]" <daniel.e.white at nasa.gov> wrote:
>A bit more detail:
>I can do this:
># doveadm mailbox list -A
>test_u Sent
>test_u Trash
>test_u Drafts
>test_u public
>test_u INBOX
>But I cannot do this:
># doveadm mailbox status -A
>doveadm mailbox status [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] [-t] <fields>
><mailbox mask> [...]
>I found this:
>that suggested:
>Dovecot probably already listens in the sockets, this is a common
>configuration for dovecot. Try this command to verify.
>ss -ntpl | grep -e :143 -e :993
>I tried it and got 
># ss -ntpl | grep -e :143 -e :993 -e :995 
>LISTEN     0      100       :::993     :::*     
>LISTEN     0      100        *:993      *:*     
>LISTEN     0      100       :::995     :::*     
>LISTEN     0      100        *:995      *:*     
>LISTEN     0      100       :::143     :::*     
>LISTEN     0      100        *:143      *:*     
>I found that /var/run/dovecot/doveadm-server is a socket
>but adding it does not help.
># doveadm mailbox status -A -S /var/run/dovecot/doveadm-server
>doveadm mailbox status [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] [-t] <fields>
><mailbox mask> [...]
>Am I missing something else ?
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>    >  
>  > Am 21.05.2021 um 21:27 schrieb White, Daniel E. (GSFC-770.0)[NICS]:
>> > doveadm [-f formatter] mailbox status [-A|-u user] [-S socket_path]
>[-t] fields mailbox ...
>    > > 
>    > > Where do I find this "socket_path", please ?
>    > > 
>    > > I am trying to untangle a very old CentOS 6 instance.
>    > > 
>    > > Thanks in advance.
>    > 
>    > It should be /var/run/dovecot/doveadm-server
>    > 
>    > Alexander
>It can also be a tcp socket. Maybe give us bit more insight on what you
>are dealing with?
>    Aki

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