NFS Locking Question

Zane Zak zakraise at
Tue May 25 18:46:28 EEST 2021


I'm hoping to get some clarification on NFS locking before deploying a new setup.

We have a single exim server that delivers mail to mbox files in /var/mail. We have a separate
server running dovecot that reads mail from these mbox files. So only one exim server and one
dovecot server, but they're separate VMs and handle locking with dotlocks.

I was noticing frequent mbox file corruption. I then set "mail_nfs_storage = yes", and have seen no
mbox corruption since. However, I'm now seeing messages like this in the logs for every read...

Error: nfs_flush_fcntl: fcntl(/var/mail/username, F_RDLCK) failed: Bad file descriptor

Is there a configuration change that needs to be made on the dovecot or the NFS servers, or are these
messages harmless.


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