Different Maildir Locations

Gabx gabriel1 at tcpreset.net
Fri May 28 18:47:41 EEST 2021

On 5/28/21 4:30 PM, Eirik Rye wrote:

> /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf:
> userdb {
>    driver = passwd
>    result_success = continue-ok
> }
> userdb {
>    driver = passwd-file
>    args = /etc/dovecot/override.passwd
> }
> This means that user information will first be looked up through the passwd driver (/etc/passwd), and then subsequently (because of "continue-ok") override any extra fields from the override file /etc/dovecot/override.passwd for any users listed in this file.
> With that said, the override file you created is also invalid. It should be something like this:
> /etc/dovecot/override.passwd:
> gabriel1:*::::::mail=~/Maildir
> user1:*::::::mail=~/user1/Maildir
> user2:*::::::mail=~/user2/mail

Looking at dovecot's logs 'passwd-file' was read

# dovecot: auth-worker(14095): Debug: passwd-file 
/etc/dovecot/override.passwd: Read 3 users in 0 secs
# dovecot: auth-worker(14095): Debug: passwd(yamn): lookup

And userdb says:

# userdb out: 

That's where dovecot looks for user1 maildir:

# maildir++: root=/home/user1/Maildir, index=, indexpvt=, control=, 

And inbox should be

# maildir++: root=/home/user1/user1/Maildir, index=, indexpvt=, 
control=, inbox=/home/user1/user1/Maildir

Same for user2
My dovecot still can't find user1 and user2 maildir.
Instead gabriel1 is found because is where i said it is in mail_location 
directive for namespace inbox, the default.
Some sort of per user root= inbox=

I come from procmail experience as lda but i'd like to do without it.


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