Hanns Mattes hanns at
Mon Nov 1 14:53:44 EET 2021


Am 01.11.21 um 00:51 schrieb Hanns Mattes:
> Hi,
> Am 01.11.21 um 00:27 schrieb infoomatic:
>> does 2.3.17_1 from ports fix the problem?
> I'm building own packages with poudriere and "pkg info dovecot" says
> it's 2.3.17_1
> Given the fact that this version is dated 2021-10-28 I'm not sure, if
> its part of the problem or the solution.

I'll do a complete reinstallation of the server, there are obviously
more problems. For example: I can ssh to both servers (and i can connect
from them to my server at home) but they refuse to talk to each other.
Same with telnet etc. No idea why, so I'll start over and recheck things.

Regards Hanns

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