dovecot: 2.3.16 -> 2.3.17_1

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Mon Nov 1 19:13:52 EET 2021


I would assume that most people have only a cert signed by one ca? Would 
an appropriate method not be to single that ca-cert out into a singe file?

The mail reception is usually not involving dovecot on a level where 
random CA certs are required?

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On 01/11/2021 15:41, Aki Tuomi wrote:
> This is caused by the ssl_ca setting. We are working on a fix. You can try commenting the setting out.
> Aki
> On 1 November 2021 15.32.55 UTC, Elise <dovecot_ML at> wrote:
>> Hi team, perhaps I do overlook something here, but after the update from
>> 2.3.16 -> 2.3.17_1on startup Dovecot is generating error message:
>>> doveconf: Fatal: execvp(/usr/local/sbin/dovecot) failed: Argument
>> list too long
>>> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dovecot: WARNING: failed to start dovecot
>> As a temporary solution I currently hashed out SSL in dovecot.conf and
>> receive e-mail again.
>> Can you tell how to fix? Thanks!
>> /elise
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