Question about sieves

Philipp Fäustlin philipp.faeustlin at
Wed Nov 10 16:44:32 UTC 2021

Am 10.11.21 um 13:31 schrieb João Silva:
> That was the first thing I thought, I checked a user (where I saw that 
> happening) Trash folder and it was empty (maybe I need to check more 
> cases).
> I can search but maybe somebody already knows, I can put on the sieve 
> one exception that prevents the pipe action in the case of the 
> destination dir is Trash. What is the most effective way of doing that?
> Thanks 

I have the following in my sieve script:


require ["vnd.dovecot.pipe", "copy", "imapsieve", "environment", 

if environment :matches "imap.mailbox" "*" {
   set "mailbox" "${1}";

if string :matches "${mailbox}" ["*/Trash", "Trash"] {


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