RE: IPv4/v6 based access checking and logging

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at
Fri Nov 12 18:00:14 UTC 2021

If yore gonna check for IP, you should do it in pre-login so you can reject the username/password combo if the registred IP of account does not match.But guess its better to write a custom login handler for that, that also checks user's ip against database, in addition to username/password, and tells client username/password is wrong if IP is unauth..
-------- Originalmeddelande --------Från: Lefteris Tsintjelis <lefty at> Datum: 2021-11-12  18:48  (GMT+01:00) Till: dovecot at Ämne: IPv4/v6 based access checking and logging Hi,I am currently using postfix/dovecot with postfix admin and I track the last login date already by using this: last login date, I would like to also implement IPv4 and IPv6 last login tracking also and if possible, IP based login checking. Is post-login scripting the best most efficient way to go?Regards,Lefteris
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