Can sieve-script run when saving mail in Sent folder?

dovecot at dovecot at
Wed Nov 17 23:13:58 UTC 2021

> On 11-17-2021 5:43 pm, Kees van Vloten wrote:
> Would it be possible to run a sieve-script when the mail-client sends a mail (no because smtp) on the action where the mail-client stores a copy in the Sent folder over
> imap?

That would be nice, to auto sort mail into different sent folders like work vs personal. However i do not think it is possible as

" Sieve scripts are executed by the Dovecot LDA (Local Delivery Agent) and/or the Dovecot LMTP service. That is why you first need to check whether LDA or LMTP are actually being used. At least one of these is supposed to be called/accessed from your MTA, e.g. Exim or Postfix, for local message delivery. "

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