reconsidering my (your?) current setup

dovecot at dovecot at
Thu Oct 7 16:49:42 EEST 2021

> On 10-07-2021 4:30 am, Marc wrote:
> With redhat 'dumping' the support for centos and the availability of
> containers. I thought about reconsidering my default dovecot setup.
> Since the concept of having a lts distribution that is supported by
> redhat/centos is more or less 'unavailable'. I thought about using the
> repo of dovecot with centos8stream.

Im surprised at how little people are aware of this. Oracle linux has 
been around since 2006 and is an exact port of RHEL. The only difference 
between Centos and Oracle is the repos. You can migrate your current 
Centos to Oracle by only changing out the repo files in 

Ive been using Oracle Linux for about a year now beside Centos8 setting 
up identical services on both servers to experience if there are any 
differences. Everything has translated over 1:1 between both. Every 
command has been identical except for the names of adding repos. For 

      Centos8: dnf config-manager --set-enabled PowerTools
      Oracle8: dnf config-manager --set-enabled ol8_codeready_builder

But after you add in the repo, the package names for services are 
identical so you can use the same dnf install commands on both.

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