Dovecot v2.3.17 released

Joan Moreau jom at
Sat Oct 30 13:55:28 EEST 2021


THis is the coredump detail on 2.3.17

Returning to 2.3.16 resolves the issue

Oct 30 10:40:26 gjserver systemd-coredump[219812]: [🡕] Process 219810 
(imap) of user 1003 dumped core.

                                                    Found module with build-id: f076f68f712d35c37d7f60f9e2d7eaf4151ca1cc
                                                    Found module with build-id: 4b10444c1560ebc574af4d5f488b7408b22d450e
                                                    Found module with build-id: e63600ab23b2f6997f42fac2fa56e1f02ce159a1
                                                    Found module with build-id: 919597c477c9b2cb9cdbb7745ed6494ac0e6da60
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: dc3e5944cf30ba4aa85f1b88b7acaf886fd6ca10
                                                    Found module with build-id: 832a09e0d9568cc6dbe699472218ea2f79dc0f34
                                                    Found module with build-id: 81bf6e728a6d6f5b105b0f8b25f6c614ce10452a
                                                    Found module with build-id: 75484da2d6f1515189eefa076e0a40328834cd16
                                                    Found module with build-id: 254e2426aaf66d1055cd495518cad3f7610f165c
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: 7f8508bb914546ada778809b64b99d234337d835
                                                    Found module with build-id: 2b8fd1f869ecab4e0b55e92f2f151897f6818acf
                                                    Found module with build-id: 8ab0e57054dd1dcba681f217016afc6a4e639783
                                                    Found module with build-id: 0ab994a49ef1848499c4af333b3266f28432a922
                                                    Found module with build-id: 5cf18c56e2f64efdac32cf61fb9c0c48e9bb1797
                                                    Found module with build-id: 9cdecde5b2e47a2bd81dc14915cbfefcade76c12
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: c915c72668282861a813f7ea3c0780f37b681dc0
                                                    Found module with build-id: ac405ddd17be10ce538da3211415ee50c8f8df79
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: eb61ef71c8b97846db759fb89a115405cff6dd30
                                                    Found module with build-id: eb8220b8f36675aac769450be4cb6bb7f97ec38a
                                                    Found module with build-id: 72d26767c5cb1097db75a5f5bff88860233c902b
                                                    Found module with build-id: 8b615460aa230708c5183f16bede67aa0437d95e
                                                    Found module with build-id: 07c8f95b4f3251d08550217ad8a1f31066229996
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: 5abc547e7b0949f89f3c0e21ab0c8331a7440a8a
                                                    Found module with build-id: de4aafba062ffac19b3a0cedace42d0616ef9c1e
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module with build-id: 5bef2adfdee3df283f593b3e2d37b6dac405256a
                                                    Found module with build-id: 4b406737057708c0e4c642345a703c47a61c73dc
                                                    Found module with build-id: d71e0f8502f886f63db11138da1319862eba9731
                                                    Found module with build-id: 
                                                    Found module imap 
with build-id: ceb1dba5737de9ccb213eba33c65e613826bebf1
                                                    Stack trace of thread 
0x00007f602afc332b fts_user_autoindex_exclude ( + 
0x00007f602afcc496 fts_mailbox_allocated ( + 0x13496)
0x00007f602b659ccc hook_mailbox_allocated ( + 
0x00007f602b654ec1 mailbox_alloc ( + 0x5dec1)
0x0000564d71cbd3e5 imap_status_get (imap + 0x2b3e5)
0x0000564d71cadc6e cmd_status (imap + 0x1bc6e)
0x0000564d71cb4494 command_exec (imap + 0x22494)
0x0000564d71cb24c2 client_command_input (imap + 0x204c2)
0x0000564d71cb2574 client_command_input (imap + 0x20574)
0x0000564d71cb297d client_handle_next_command (imap + 0x2097d)
0x0000564d71cb2f30 client_input (imap + 0x20f30)
0x00007f602b5421a9 io_loop_call_io ( + 0x1161a9)
0x00007f602b543852 io_loop_handler_run_internal ( + 
0x00007f602b542250 io_loop_handler_run ( + 0x116250)
0x00007f602b542410 io_loop_run ( + 0x116410)
0x00007f602b4b6453 master_service_run ( + 0x8a453)
0x0000564d71ca3f75 main (imap + 0x11f75)
0x00007f602b287b25 __libc_start_main ( + 0x27b25)
0x0000564d71ca403e _start (imap + 0x1203e)
Oct 30 10:40:26 gjserver dovecot[219074]: 
imap(jom at<219810><CERbko/PwnB/AAAB>: Fatal: master: 
service(imap): child 219810 killed with signal 11 (core dumped)

(gdb) bt full
#0  fts_user_autoindex_exclude (box=<optimized out>, 
box at entry=0x55cf79d865c8) at fts-user.c:347
         fuser = <optimized out>
#1  0x00007f1f31198496 in fts_mailbox_allocated (box=0x55cf79d865c8) at 
         flist = <optimized out>
         v = 0x55cf79d865f0
         fbox = 0x55cf79d86bf8
#2  0x00007f1f31825ccc in hook_mailbox_allocated 
(box=box at entry=0x55cf79d865c8) at mail-storage-hooks.c:256
         _data_stack_cur_id = 5
         _foreach_end = 0x55cf79d77088
         _foreach_ptr = 0x55cf79d77078
         hooks = 0x7f1f311c6ba0 <fts_mail_storage_hooks>
         ctx = 0x55cf79d87df8
#3  0x00007f1f31820ec1 in mailbox_alloc (list=0x55cf79d7dfd8, 
vname=0x7f1f318e439e "INBOX", flags=flags at entry=0) at mail-storage.c:885
         _data_stack_cur_id = 4
         new_list = 0x55cf79d7dfd8
         storage = 0x55cf79d7e7e8
         box = 0x55cf79d865c8
         open_error = MAIL_ERROR_NONE
         errstr = 0x0
         __func__ = "mailbox_alloc"
#4  0x00007f1f3183138b in mailbox_list_mailbox (list=0x55cf79d7dfd8, 
name=name at entry=0x7f1f318e439e "INBOX", 
flags_r=flags_r at entry=0x7ffe66100d58) at mailbox-list.c:1554
         box = 0x55cf79d861b8
         existence = (MAILBOX_EXISTENCE_NOSELECT | 
         ret = <optimized out>
         path = 0x55cf79d3012f <error: Cannot access memory at address 
         fname = <optimized out>
         rootdir = <optimized out>
         dir = <optimized out>
         inbox = 0x55cf79d861b8 "\240b\330y\317U"
         len = <optimized out>
#5  0x00007f1f31887736 in inbox_info_init (namespaces=0x55cf79d7de60, 
ctx=0x55cf79d861b8) at mailbox-list-iter.c:734
         flags = 0
         ret = <optimized out>
         flags = <optimized out>
         ret = <optimized out>
         __func__ = "inbox_info_init"
#6  mailbox_list_iter_init_namespaces (namespaces=0x55cf79d7de60, 
patterns=patterns at entry=0x55cf79d7b850,
     type_mask=type_mask at entry=(MAIL_NAMESPACE_TYPE_PRIVATE | 
MAILBOX_LIST_ITER_RETURN_SPECIALUSE)) at mailbox-list-iter.c:777
         ctx = 0x55cf79d861b8
         i = <optimized out>
         count = 1
         pool = 0x55cf79d86190
         __func__ = "mailbox_list_iter_init_namespaces"
#7  0x000055cf78383104 in cmd_list_init (patterns=0x55cf79d7b850, 
ctx=0x55cf79d7b7d0) at cmd-list.c:302
         type_mask = (MAIL_NAMESPACE_TYPE_PRIVATE | 
         type_mask = <optimized out>
#8  cmd_list_full (cmd=<optimized out>, lsub=<optimized out>) at 
         client = 0x55cf79d7aab8
         args = 0x55cf79d4a160
         list_args = 0x7f1f315eca00 <main_arena>
         arg_count = 32766
         ctx = <optimized out>
--Type <RET> for more, q to quit, c to continue without paging--
         patterns = {arr = {buffer = <optimized out>, element_size = 8}, 
v = <optimized out>, v_modifiable = <optimized out>}
         ref = 0x55cf79d7b7f8 ""
         pattern = 0x55cf79d7b800 "*"
         patterns_strarr = 0x55cf79d7b850
         str = <optimized out>
#9  0x000055cf7838d494 in command_exec (cmd=cmd at entry=0x55cf79d7b628) at 
         hook = 0x55cf79d3f5d0
         finished = <optimized out>
         __func__ = "command_exec"
#10 0x000055cf7838b4c2 in client_command_input (cmd=<optimized out>) at 
         client = 0x55cf79d7aab8
         command = <optimized out>
         tag = 0x7f1f3172be9a <p_strdup+74> 
         name = 0x55cf783a1e69 "LIST"
         ret = <optimized out>
         __func__ = "client_command_input"
#11 0x000055cf7838b574 in client_command_input (cmd=<optimized out>) at 
         client = 0x55cf79d7aab8
         command = <optimized out>
         tag = 0x55cf79d4a258 "WIR00005"
         name = 0x55cf79d4a268 "LIST"
         ret = <optimized out>
         __func__ = "client_command_input"

On 2021-10-28 10:12, Aki Tuomi wrote:

> We are pleased to release v2.3.17 of Dovecot.
> Please note that 2.3.17 release will be the last one to support 
> Debian/Stretch since Bullseye is now supported.
> Binary packages in
> Docker images in
> Regards
> Aki Tuomi
> Open-Xchange oy
> ---
> * Dovecot now logs a warning if time seems to jump forward at least
> 100 milliseconds.
> * dict: Lines logged by the dict process now contain the dict name as
> the prefix.
> * lib-index: mail_cache_fields, mail_always_cache_fields and
> mail_never_cache_fields now verifies that the listed header names are
> valid. Especially the UTF8 "-" character has sometimes been wrongly
> used instead of the ASCII "-".
> + *-login: Added login_proxy_rawlog_dir setting to capture
> rawlogs between proxy and backend.
> + dict: The server process now keeps the last 10 idle dict backends
> cached for maximum of 30 seconds. Practically this acts as a
> connection pool for dict-redis and dict-ldap. Note that this doesn't
> affect dict-sql, because it already had its own internal cache.
> + doveadm: New stats add/remove commands added to support changing the
> metrics configuration on runtime.
> + lazy_expunge: Added lazy_expunge_exclude settings to disable
> lazy_expunge for specific folders. \Special-use flags can be used as
> folder names.
> + lib-lua: Added a new helper function 
> dovecot.restrict_global_variables()
> to disable or enable defining new global variables.
> - LAYOUT=index List index rebuild was missing.
> - LAYOUT=index: Duplicate GUIDs were not detected.
> - acl: When using acl_ignore_namespace Dovecot attempted to access or
> create dovecot-acl-list even when the namespace should have been
> ignored. For virtual namespaces this could have yielded errors about
> "Read-only file system" or "Permission denied".
> - auth: Setting the "master" passdb field to empty value would
> cause proxying to fail with an authentication error.
> Now an empty "master" field is ignored.
> - doveadm-server: Duplicate error lines were sent for failed commands.
> This didn't normally cause visible problems, except when using
> wildcards in usernames or -A parameter to go through multiple users.
> - doveadm-server: Logs written by doveadm-server were often missing log
> prefixes, especially mail_log_prefix for mail commands. Logs sent to
> doveadm TCP client were also missing log prefixes.
> - doveadm: v2.3 regression: batch command always crashes.
> - doveadm: v2.3.11 regression: Commands failed if ssl_cert or
> ssl_key files weren't readable by the user running doveadm, even
> though doveadm didn't actually use these settings
> - imap-hibernate: Process may crash at deinit:
> Panic: file ioloop.c: line 928 (io_loop_destroy): assertion failed:
> (ioloop->cur_ctx == NULL).
> - imap: Using imap_fetch_failure=no-after can cause assert-crash
> with some IMAP commands if reading the mail fails (e.g. wrong cached
> mail size). Fixes:
> Panic: file index-mail-headers.c: line 198 
> (index_mail_parse_header_init):
> assertion failed: (!mail->data.header_parser_initialized)
> - imap: v2.3.10 regression: When using INDEXPVT to enable private
> \Seen flags (for shared or public namespaces) the STORE command did
> not send untagged replies for the \Seen flag changes.
> - imap: v2.3.15 regression: If PREVIEW/SNIPPET is not the final FETCH
> option in the command, the IMAP FETCH response is broken.
> - imap: v2.3.15 regression: MOVE command leaks mailbox if it can't be
> opened and crashes at deinit:
> Panic: file mail-user.c: line 229 (mail_user_deinit): assertion failed:
> ((*user)->refcount == 1).
> - imapc: Copying nonexistent mail via imapc could have crashed. Fixes:
> Panic: file mail-storage.c: line 2385 
> (mailbox_transaction_commit_get_changes):
> assertion failed: (ret < 0 || seq_range_count(&changes_r->saved_uids) 
> == save_count ||
> array_count(&changes_r->saved_uids) == 0).
> - indexer: v2.3.15 regression: Process crashes if indexer-client
> disconnects while it's waiting for command reply. This happened for
> example if IMAP SEARCH triggered long fts indexing and the IMAP
> client disconnected while waiting for the reply.
> - indexer: v2.3.15 regression: Process may have crashed in some 
> situations.
> - indexer: v2.3.15 regression: indexer-worker processes may not have
> reached the process_limit in some situations, possibly even using just
> one indexer-worker process even though there were many indexing
> requests queued.
> - lib-compression: Reading lz4 compressed mdbox mails may crash. Fixes:
> Panic: file istream.c: line 345 (i_stream_read_memarea):
> assertion failed: (!stream->blocking).
> - lib-compression: bench-compress crashes due to xz being read-only.
> - lib-lua: Fix linking libdict_lua for non-GNU linkers when Lua support
> is disabled.
> - lib-mail: There was no limit on how large an email header name could 
> be.
> Processable header names are now limited to 1000 bytes.
> - lib-oauth2: Dovecot disallowed JWT tokens if their validity time was
> older than token creation time (nbf < iat).
> - lib-storage: Reduce memory footprint of certain storage operations.
> - lib-storage: When listing mailboxes with storage name escape
> characters (^ or .) as part of the mailbox name, the listing could
> show corrupted mailbox names. Due to an issue in handling escaped
> parent folders, the listing of other mailbox names would become
> corrupted by prepending parts of the previously listed mailboxes
> parent folder as prefix to the actual mailbox names. The corruption
> can occur when using LAYOUT=INDEX and maildir or obox, or when using
> the listescape plugin.
> - mail-crypt: Fix "-O" argument for "doveadm mailbox cryptokey 
> password"
> command to be a boolean, and not expect a string.
> - submission-login: Add support for not authenticating to next hop in
> submission proxying.
> - submission-login: EHLO was not sent again after XCLIENT when doing
> submission proxying.
> - virtual: Mailboxes do not correctly detect underlying mailboxes
> getting re-created even though they have a different UIDVALIDITY or
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