Errors after freebsd upgrade

Hanns Mattes hanns at
Sat Oct 30 19:09:48 EEST 2021


after upgrading Freebsd from ports dovecot is throwing the following error

Oct 30 18:04:15 freebsd dovecot[59232]:
doveadm(xxx at<84061><S3CoJf9sfWFdSAEAUmejdw>: Fatal: master:
service(doveadm): child 84061 killed with signal 6 (core not dumped - - set service doveadm {
drop_priv_before_exec=yes })

I (surely) may have missed something while upgrading (I've learned a lot
about backup/snapshot-strategies with zfs, but to late to apply).

How can I debug the erro?

Regards Hanns

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