v2.3.17 - dsync says invalid option -- E

Bernardo Reino reinob at bbmk.org
Sun Oct 31 10:01:28 EET 2021

On Fri, 29 Oct 2021, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> Hello,
> I've got some scripts that archive off mail that stopped working with 2.3.17. 
> Specifically this worksin 2.3.16:
> sudo -n /usr/local/bin/dsync -u dluke -m Sent -o mail_location=mbox:~/tmp/ mirror maildir:~/Maildir/
> but fails on 2.3.17 with the following error message:
> dsync: invalid option -- E

I've just noticed that I have the same error when running my weekly e-mail 
backup. The command I use is:
 	dsync -v -u $USER backup -P mdbox:/secure/$USER/mdbox

which resulted in
 	backup: invalid option -- 'E'

I don't use, nor do I know of, any such option.

When can we expect a 2.3.18 fixing this? (or, is it advisable to downgrade to 

Thanks in advance,

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