falsely log "auth: unknown user" when multiple userdb

Anthony Panko ap00 at mail.ru
Fri Apr 1 10:03:09 UTC 2022

When there is a multiple userdb to look for user, Dovecot log «auth: unknown user» when the first userdb search failed. Then Dovecot  successfully search user in the second userdb and things works. But  "auth: unknown user" event left in a logs.
Logs look like this:
Apr  1 12:38:48 mail dovecot[75384]: lmtp(75397): Connect from
Apr  1 12:38:48 mail dovecot[75384]: auth: ldap(order at XXX, unknown user
Apr  1 12:38:48 mail dovecot[75384]: lmtp(order)<75397><D8m2HCjIRmKFJgEAABdyCg>: msgid=<157609214.20220331172309 at YYY>: saved mail to INBOX
Debug show failed search in the first userdb and successfull search in the second userdb.
When user found in the first userdb «unknown user» event does not appear.
Configuration is: 
userdb {
  args = /usr/local/etc/dovecot/udb-ldap-personal.conf
  driver = ldap
  override_fields = home=/mnt/mboxes/personal/%n
userdb {
  args = /usr/local/etc/dovecot/udb-ldap-general.conf
  driver = ldap
  override_fields = home=/mnt/mboxes/general/%n
Dovecot verision is 2.3.16 (7e2e900c1a).
Best regards,
Anthony Pankov
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