Message attachments, relocated with Tbird in Dovecot maildir store, not openable; reversible by moving BACK to inbox?

Erwan David erwan at
Fri Apr 1 10:30:11 UTC 2022

Le 01/04/2022 à 12:17, PGNet Dev a écrit :

> This 'feels' like cache management misconfiguration to me.  Not sure 
> whether in Tbird &/or Dovecot, or what to look for specificially.
> Hints as to cause/fix of this attachment issue?  Or event what/where, 
> specifically, to log?

I see same symptoms when opening a mail in thunderbird 2 or 3 weeks 
after I received it, without moving it in another folder.
Burt using "repair folder" in TB, I get it back, so for me it looks more 
like a TB cache problem.

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