NFS Config vs Ceph / GlusterFS

Alessio Cecchi alessio at
Wed Apr 6 10:57:06 UTC 2022


I have about 100TB of mailboxes in Maildir format on NFS (NetApp FAS) 
and works very well, for performance but also stability.

The main problem of using Ceph or GlusterFS to store Maildir is the high 
use of metadata that dovecot require for check new messages and others 
activity. On my storage/NFS the main part of the traffic and I/O is 
metadata traffic on small file (high file count workload).

And Ceph or GlusterFS are very inefficient with this kind of workload 
(many metadata GETATTR/ACCESS/LOOKUP and high numer of small files).


Il 05/04/22 01:40, dovecot at ha scritto:
> Do all of the configuration considerations pertaining to using NFS on
> equally apply to using something like Ceph / GlusterFS?
> And if people wouldn't mind chiming in with which (NFS, Ceph & GlusterFS) they feel is better for maildir mail storage on dedicated non-container servers?
> Which is better for robustness / stability?
> Which is better for speed / performance?
> Thank you.

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