disabling namespace in special-userdb on dovecot 2.2

Marc Marc at f1-outsourcing.eu
Wed Apr 20 12:01:38 UTC 2022

> Currently I have such special-userdb file
> test:x:11111:22222:testaccount_descr:/home/users/testaccount:/bin/false:userdb_
> mail=mbox:~/mbox:INBOX=/home/users/testaccount/inbox:INDEX=/home/users/testacco
> unt/index
> However I am still getting errors of a default configured namespace that still
> seems to be active. Is there a way to disable this namespace or reconfigure
> this in the userdb file? (When I was testing this on a dovecot 2.3 I did not
> run into this)

userdb_mail_debug=yes userdb_namespace/archives/disabled=yes

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