replication fails with "Error: sync: Unknown user in remote" but user shows up in doveadm user "*"

Arnaud Abélard arnaud.abelard at
Thu Apr 21 16:00:42 UTC 2022


I've been trying to replicate a production server (debian buster, 
dovecot But I nothing is actually being replicated and for 
each attempted user the message "Error: sync: Unknown user in remote" is 
being logged.

The ldap settings are actually the same on both server (source and 
destnation) and the "unknown user" is actually showing up in doveadm 
user "*" on the destination server.

I had already replicated 2 servers and used the same settings. Am I 
missing something obvious here?



Arnaud Abélard
Responsable pôle Système et Stockage
Service Infrastructures
DSIN Université de Nantes

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