auth between postfix and dovecot?

ミユナ (alice) alice at
Sun Apr 24 01:06:11 UTC 2022

Shawn Heisey wrote:
> My setup is virtual users in a postfixadmin database.  Dovecot does all 
> authentication, even with posfix.  I believe the config snippets I have 
> included below are the relevant things that make it possible for postfix 
> to talk to dovecot for mail delivery and authentication.
> Mail sent from localhost on port 25 does not require authentication on 
> my system, because is in postfix's mynetworks config and 
> port 25's access restrictions include permit_mynetworks.  Anything sent 
> via submission (port 587) does require auth, even from trusted 
> networks.  If you can configure your webmail to use submission instead 
> of smtp, maybe that can be authenticated.  You'll need to consult 
> support resources for your webmail to see if that is possible.   I can 
> say for sure that roundcube can do it ... I have roundcube configured to 
> talk to port 587, which as mentioned, ALWAYS requires authentication.
> When postfix sends mail to dovecot for delivery, I'm pretty sure that 
> happens without authentication.  It's LMTP via unix socket, not 
> something an outside client can access directly.

Thank you. that's good suggestion.


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