doveadm pw usage

Bernardo Reino reinob at
Sun Apr 24 10:42:20 UTC 2022

On Sun, 24 Apr 2022, ミユナ (alice) wrote:

> Hello
> when i want to assign a password to a user, I need to write the plain passwd 
> to a text file then do:
> # doveadm pw -p input.txt
> {CRAM-MD5}77180880...
> it's not that convenient to write to a file first.
> does it support the format below?
> doveadm pw "plain password"
> providing the plain password as CL argument to generate a encrypted one.

The argument to "-p" is not a file containing the password, but the password 

so in your example above, the password would be "input.txt", which is pretty 
weak :)

PS: man doveadm-pw

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