Recovering deleted mailbox

Shawn Heisey elyograg at
Thu Apr 28 05:57:13 UTC 2022

On 4/27/2022 11:48 PM, Aki Tuomi wrote:
> # drop fts data
> doveadm fts rescan -u user
> # rebuild index
> doveadm index -u user "*"

I do full reindexes a lot more often than a typical user would. When I 
do a reindex, I want it to happen for all users, not one at a time.  Do 
you have a sequence of commands to accomplish that?

I'm part of the Solr project.  I do reindexes for performance testing 
when I think of something to try, or I want to upgrade Solr.  And also 
when I think of a change that I want to make to the index config for 
dovecot.  A full reindex for my install takes less than 10 minutes as I 
only have about 160K messages total. Not something I would recommend 
doing frequently when there are millions of messages.


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