Informational messages written to ~/.dovecot.sieve.log

Gedalya gedalya at
Fri Apr 29 05:01:18 UTC 2022


After adding "vnd.dovecot.debug" to the require list at the top of a sieve script, informational messages started appearing in ~/.dovecot.sieve.log, even when debug_log was not used.

The script looks like this:

require ["fileinto","imap4flags","reject","duplicate","vnd.dovecot.debug"];
# rule:[Duplicate]
if duplicate :header "X-dd-hash" :last {
  debug_log "Duplicate message, discarding";
[ .. more rules .. ]

Log lines:

sieve: info: started log at 2022-04-28 23:49:43 -0400.
info: msgid=<xxxxxxxxx>: stored mail into mailbox 'INBOX'.

(no rule matched)

sieve: info: started log at 2022-04-29 00:51:40 -0400.
info: msgid=<xxxxxxxxx>: fileinto action: stored mail into mailbox 'Alerts'.

I would expect / prefer that the log would be used only when debug_log was used. With too many log messages, the interesting ones would get rotated out sooner than desired.

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