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Mon Aug 8 11:46:26 UTC 2022

Hi Paul,   I don't understand how to use your idea/script together with the rawlog feature of Dovecot. The rawlog feature in Dovecot writes multiple files (two for each connection, one for raw requests and one for raw responses) into a predefined directory for the user. This generates dozens or hundreds of files per user per day, each file with a timestamp in it, so the filename is not predictable.   How should I create "a socket" for that to capture the file contents if I don't know the filenames that will be used?   Michael 

Am 28-Jul-2022 13:02:16 +0200 schrieb paul at scom.ca: 

Hi - I use this python script to capture a socket (ie the log file) and 
then send it to syslog, i use this for all the systems that do not 
really support syslogging (apache etc)

basic useage

/usr/bin/nohup /programs/common/capture -s 
/usr/local/apache2/logs/httpd-access.log -l httpd -d -p 
httpd & > /dev/null

i typically run this at startup in rc.local

hope this helps
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