Maybe a bit offtopic, Sieve beaviour

Shawn Heisey elyograg at
Tue Aug 23 19:29:23 UTC 2022

On 8/23/22 03:44, João Silva wrote:
> If a sieve filter contains a rule
> if header :regex ["From"] ["",""] {
>         fileinto :create "ac";
> }
> The mail should be copied to the folder ac and then proceed to other 
> rules that a user might have or I understood the fileinto wrong?

I just took a look at my fairly extensive sieve script that has been 
built by the managesieve plugin for the roundcube webmail server.  I 
don't often look at the script itself because that plugin lets me edit 
the script in a GUI.

The fileinto command is used in almost every one of my rules.  It is not 
copying the message, it is moving the message to the destination 
folder.  Here is one of my rules:

# rule:[blog]
if header :contains ["To","cc"] "blog at"
         fileinto "";

There is an extension to sieve that adds a :copy option to certain 
commands like fileinto for situations where that is actually what you 
want to do.  Pigeonhole does support it:


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