Sieve Symlink Creation

João Silva joaopfmlist at
Fri Aug 26 15:34:10 UTC 2022

As far as I understood the sieve location is relative to the home.

In my server I kept the default

sieve = file:~/sieve;active=~/.dovecot.sieve

the sieve is defined with relation to the home ~

In your definition there are ../ in the mix



inside the home a Maildir or whetever you want and, since the home is 
defined keep the default value for the sieve

On 26/08/2022 14:57, dovecot at wrote:
>> On 08-26-2022 9:22 am, João Silva wrote:
>> Made the question before knowing about the virtual users.
>> But dovecot allow to set a "home" for virtual users (as far as I 
>> undestood)
>> If already had read that and didn't help let me know.
> If you review my first email you can see that home is being set in the 
> config.
> Although i not sure how setting home has anything to do with sieve 
> active symlinks.

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