where to setup virtual_mailbox_maps

dovecot at ptld.com dovecot at ptld.com
Wed Aug 31 03:19:34 UTC 2022

> On 08-30-2022 9:36 pm, frakass wrote:
> I have a domain in virtual_mailbox_domains:
> aaa.com
> I have also the virtual_alias_domains which include:
> bbb.com
> I know how to forward x at bbb.com to y at aaa.com by setting up the file
> "virtual_alias_maps":
> x at bbb.com y at aaa.com
> But, how can I setup virtual_mailbox_maps (if I name this correctly)? for
> example, 111 at aaa.com forwards to 222 at aaa.com.

These are postfix questions posted to a dovecot mailing list.

virtual_mailbox_domains = Where you list domains that postfix is final destination for.
virtual_mailbox_maps = Is where you list virtual addresses and the mbox/maildir path for the virtual delivery agent.
virtual_alias_maps = Is where you list aliases such as x at bbb.com -> y at aaa.com and 111 at aaa.com -> 222 at aaa.com

An alias is an alias regardless if its to a local or remote address.

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