Case sensitivity and unicode normalisation on ZFS for Dovecot Maildir

Jørn Åne de Jong dovecot.list at
Wed Jul 6 11:51:22 UTC 2022

I'm wondering about some filesystem considerations when using Dovecot. 
I've read, but that basically talks 
about low-level details.  My question is not about that.

I use the following mail_location:

In this setup, because I use LAYOUT=fs and UTF-8, the IMAP names are 
identical to the directory names.  I noticed that the INBOX name is 
case-insensitive, but all other names are case-sensitive.  I wonder if 
it's possible to have consistent behaviour here.

Now since I use ZFS, I have the ability to make the filesystem case 
insensitive and to normalise unicode codepoints.  Is that something that 
would be useful when running a Dovecot server, or would that be a bad idea?

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