Trouble configuring managesive plugin for roundcube

Christian Kivalo ml+dovecot at
Thu Jul 14 08:00:29 UTC 2022

>> But you can make php think it connects to the correct hostname with the ssl connection options
>> $config['managesieve_conn_options'] = [
>>   'ssl'         => [
>>   'verify_peer'  => false,
>>   'peer_name' => 'FQDN of mailserver',
>>   ],
>> ];
>> This probably even works without the "verify_peer" line, haven't tested.
>I added the block above to my managesieve configuration in Roundcube and now connected to an internal IP address works beautifully!
>Now I just need to figure out how to accomplish the same thing for the imap and smtp server that Roundcube is using. Is there a block similar to the one above that I could add to my Roundcube file to enable me to use internal addresses for my imap and smtp servers?

Hi yes the same ssl connection config should work in roundcube just use ['imap_conn_options'] and ['smtp_conn_options'] respectively. 
There are examples in roundcubes file 

Christian Kivalo

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